Uncle Grandpa Theme Song

Uncle Grandpa Theme Song
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Uncle Grandpa is everyone’s "magical" uncle and grandpa who, along with his eclectic merry gang, travels the world in a mystical RV helping people however, wherever and whenever they need it.


Uncle Grandpa theme song Lyric
[Intro: All]
Yo, it's Uncle Grandpa
And Pizza Steve
Mr Gus
Belly bag, you best believe
We come to bring the heat, while we pop rock
Hotter than your favourite hot sauce

[Verse 1: Pizza Steve]
Yo, it's Pizza Steve, aka PS
When I'm on the mic, I be fresh
Straight from the oven, hate it or love it
My cheese is thick, and my crust is rugged

[Verse 2: Uncle G]
Good morning, it's your Uncle Grandpa
I can rap on the mic with my pants off
I got a sick ride, it's called the RV
Where's the mustard for my hotdog party?
I like to help kids by using my magic
Hey wait a second, check out this hat trick
It makes me fly
I'm a cool guy
I like sour cream on my blueberry pie
Now I'm almost done with my rhyming
So stick around for my book signing

[Verse 3: Belly Bag]
It's your favourite friend, belly bag!
I got loads of fun from toys to smelly rags
But my favourite thing is to make mouth noises
So listen to me, with me and my mouth noises
(Beat boxes)

[Verse 4: Big G]
Yo it's Mr Gus, call me Big G
I put words together intricately
You can't mess with this dino flow
Pay close attention or my rhymes will go
Over your head, like a helicopter
Tell your doctor to quell the opera of pain
That you will experience
If you step to Gus, cause Gus will get furious
The waters run deep and I'm the deepest
Profound sound better than the weakest
Big G crushes foes who deserve the meat fist
But I'm chill at the F, and on the weekends
So as I end this verse, let me just say
That the Big GA crew get underway
Wait hold up
Who wants to join the cypher?
It's Gaint Realistic Flying Tiger!


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