Emily Blunt canta The Place Where Lost Things Go č una delle canzoni della colonna sonora originale del film Disney Il ritorno di Mary Poppins. Vedi il testo

Emily Blunt - The Place Where Lost Things Go
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The Place Where Lost Things Go Lyrics

Do you ever lie
Awake at night
Just between the dark
And the morning light
Searching for the things
You used to know
Looking for the place
Where the lost things go

Do you ever dream
Or reminisce
Wondering where to find
What you trully miss
Well maybe all those things
That you love so
Are waiting in the place
Where the lost things go

Memories you've shed
Gone for good you feared
They're all around you still
Though they've disappeared
Nothing's really left
Or lost without a trace
Nothing's gone forever
Only out of place

So maybe now the dish
And my best spoon
Are playing hide and seek
Just behind the moon
Waiting there until
It's time to show
Spring is like that now
Far beneath the snow
Hiding in the place
Where the lost things go

Time to close your eyes
So sleep can come around
For when you dream you find
All that's lost is found
Maybe on the moon
Or maybe somewhere new
Maybe all you're missing lives inside of you

So when you need her touch
And loving gaze
Gone but not forgotten
Is the perfect phrase
Smiling from a star
That she makes glow
Trust she's always there
Watching as you grow
Find her in the place
Where the lost things go




Album Mary Poppins Returns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Durata 03:43

Music video by Emily Blunt performing The Place Where Lost Things Go (From "Mary Poppins Returns").

© 2018 Walt Disney Records


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